Creating Safe & Aware drivers

    Why "Go-Green"? Of course there's the fun word play with "Go" and green, but we are truly committed, to doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint.  Our Prius averages 55+mpg! We provide paperless billing and receipts, our scheduling system is entirely digital and other than required DMV documents, our office is paper-free. 

    We also teach a simple technique that allows the average fuel-burning car to improve fuel efficiency by up to 35%.   The beauty of the proper application of these principles is that they simultaneously promote a much safer driving style. 

    We have a proven step-by-step process.   We ensure students learn to drive with solid control of the vehicle, use appropriate caution, and are confident in their knowledge, driving ability and understanding of the proper execution of the rules of the road.

    Our children and their friends live and play in the communities where we teach and practice.  We prepare every driver to drive within our neighborhoods.  We take great pride in our preparation of each driver and trust they will be well-prepared for their ongoing driving journey.