• Giving driving directions 
    • Your student will sense your energy, try to stay calm and do not over-correct the student
    • Give directions early and clearly.  Be specific and tell them where first.  "At this upcoming light, turn right".  (This may take some practice)
    • If a directional mistake is made go around the block and try again. 
    • Avoid any last-second or risky moves.

Ask your student about these Key Concepts/Phrases:

  • Braking
    • Start process early and leave appropriate space cushion
  • Space Cushion
    • In-Motion:  Maintain 1-car length for every 10mph of speed you're traveling
    • Stopping:  Watching the vehicle in front of you, keep the point where back tires  make contact with the road in view when stopping behind a car
  • Acceleration
    • Smooth and Steady
    • Don't try to keep up with other drivers
  • "SMOG" Technique (Position Change)
    • Signal, Mirrors, Over Shoulder, Go
  • Straight-Line Backing
    • "Don't Kill Anybody"
    • "How's my steering"
    • Using rear door handle as steering guide along edge of blacktop
  • 5-Pt Check with Right on Red
    1. Light and Signs (on approach)
      • Light color
      • "No right on Red" Sign?
      • Yield  Sign?
    2. Pedestrians (throughout process)
    3. Cross Traffic from Left
    4. Left Turn from Opposing Traffic
    5. U-Turn from right cross-traffic
  • Proper Use of Bike Lanes and right turns
    • Broken Line: Enter lane
    • Solid Line: Do not cross

Licensing Process Step-By-Step

 Parent Driving Practice Tips and Review

  • Complete Online Drivers Ed
  • DMV appointment for Permit Test
  • Pass Permit Test
  • Schedule First Driving Lesson
  • Complete In-Car instruction coupled with additional practice hours
  • Take and Pass Driver's Test